About Us
feetlab was founded in 2006 to bring to the region a retail concept that offered customers an opportunity to understand their feet types and what would be the best suited footwear for their feet.
At feetlab we ensure that you have the right footwear, for whatever type of sport, game or other active lifestyle you follow. The simple fact that 70% of people suffer from “over pronation” (inward rolling over of the feet), means that a huge percentage of the population suffer from flat feet, which also can cause heel pain, leg ache, knee pain and back pain. Heel pain is one of the most common feet problems.

Our staff are trained in determining the proper footwear needs of a person, and are able to advice customers on the proper type of footwear for a specific activity, as well as what should be done to take proper care of their feet.

Sportsmen and women, as well as all active adults would also greatly benefit by using a good orthotics support found at feetlab. Anyone spending a lot of time on their feet would also benefit from one of our products as good supportive orthotics can give you a great deal of relief and comfort.

The first concept store was opened in Deira city centre, and
the second location was opened in 2008 in the Dubai Mall.